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Captain Koala in an art gallery! It was AWESOME!!


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January 2007
The place -> Townsville/Thuringowa, QLD, AUSTRALIA!

'Captain Koala' was involved in a gallery exhibition at Thuringowa. The exhibition included 4 comics and we had a wall each. The exhibition was fantastic and many thanks go out to all that made it possible!

James Clifton

Wall of Captain Koala artwork

James Clifton standing in front of Captain Koala covers

Also present was Jason 'Hairbutt the Hippo' Paulos (Left) and Tim 'Greener Pastures' McEwan (right). In this photo they are teaching a 'how to draw' course.

Jason 'Hairbutt the Hippo' Paulos and Tim 'Greener Pastures' McEwan


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